Eric Garfunkel

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)

Institute for Advanced Materials, Devices, and Nanotechnology (IAMDN)
and Laboratory for Surface Modification (LSM)


Research Topics: nanoscience and technology, nanoelectronics, surface and interface science, materials for alternative energy, nanowires, catalysis, sensors, organic electronics, nanotoxicology.

We perform fundamental studies of surface, ultrathin film, interface and nanostructure systems of relevance to advanced technology. Past studies have included research on atomic and molecular adsorption and reaction, thin film growth, and promoter effects in catalysis. Over the past decade our work has mainly involved basic and applied research into new inorganic and organic materials for nanoelectronics (transistors). Current interests also include alternative energy materials (for photovoltaics, catalysis, and energy storage), nanowires, MEMS, bio-materials interfaces, sensors, and nanotoxicity. Our group uses ion scattering, electron spectroscopy, scanning probe and electron microscopies, and other surface and nanoscience methods.

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